Every Single F**king Politician on this Planet!!!

Unfortunately, I am unable to describe any of the Famous Viaatant Politicians because the list would take up about 666 terabytes of data, and I, nor Chimp Source our sponsor, could afford that much server space. You see, being a Viaatant is a prerequisite to becoming a politician. If you are currently a politician, you might as well just fill out our Info-Base Entry Form, and turn yourself in with honor. This is how things are controlled on Earth with such absolute precision and caution. The Viaatants are in control. Now you see how important our mission really is. There is a lot going on here that we do not know about. For all we know, 66.6% of our tax money is being wasted on Armadillo food, Armadillo nudist camps and retreats, Armadillo morphological and genetic research and engineering, etc… We have no idea! Their trick is to keep all of their Viaatant social and mental interactions disguised as meetings, agendas, coffee parties, and drug-runs. This way, the whole world thinks that they are hard at work, trying to better human society when they are really just pontificating, drinking Mugwump Jism, and allocating money for space exploration to spread their horrible Mamm-alien influence!!! God save the Spleen!