Zappa, Frank

Mr. Frank Zappa, the 20th century’s most subversive musical genius is a rare exception to the rule. He was not simply chosen by the Viaatant armadillos, he chose them! Rumor has it that he somehow found out about them and proceeded to somehow invade their mental network, without proper access. His reason for doing so was not to get their information and knowledge, but to instead taint it with HIS immense and twisted brain power so that they had to deal with it forever and ever. HaHa! I loved this man to death. (May he rest in peace). He stood up to those God-damn Viaatants! He is the only one purported to do so. If you don’t know much about this man and his diverse music, you are going straight to hell when you die. Plain and simple. Please see our links page for more info. This web page was formerly owned by Carl Zappa, and is still damp. Not only do you get the Desonex Burger…but this is destined to take the place of the Mud Shark in your Mythology.