Viaatant Appliance Gallery




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xclaim.gif (1443 bytes)Perhaps you are already saying to yourself, "What the hell is the deal with the appliances?  How stupid".

Our interest in appliances is purely scientific. Their implications, complications, and permutations within the Viaatant society are of extreme importance to us. The reason for this is because we have discovered that Viaatants do not store information about appliances in quite the same manner as they do other earthly objects. For whatever reason (currently under intense research), when a Viaatant stores household appliance information either in its memory banks or in the hive intelli-net, it changes the original structure and meaning. To exemplify this phenomenon, let me explain the results of one of the many experiments we have undertaken. The thumbnails below are pictures of appliances that were shown to Spanky (an interrogated Viaatant armadillo). When we later extracted the appliances from Spanky's brain, they did not look quite the same.  See for yourself on any of them to view the modulated image which was extracted.


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These same results occurred when other Viaatants and other household appliances were used for experimentation. No other earthly objects so far have been found to follow this phenomenon.  We do not know why this occurs, and the Viaatants claim to know nothing about it, as was expected. Theories currently under speculation include ideas about the possible functions of household appliances to the Viaatants: communication devices; reproduction devices; information storage devices; espionage devices; iconic religious devices; tachyon compilation devices; and so on... One thing is for certain and this is our take-home advice --> Beware of your household appliances, for you may not know what they really do!!!