Congratulations. You have found The VIAATANT! Network. The sole purpose of these pages is to help you answer one simple question:
"Are you Viaatant???"
This may be the most important question you will ever be asked.
Please read on in order to prepare yourself to make responsible judgments of viaatantcy, and to protect yourself from Mamm-alien control.



?? Does this person look familiar to you ??

?? Do you have any idea whether or not he is Viaatant ??

?? Do you think that he grew up in a good Christian home ??

?? Do you suppose that he can sing like Ronald Reagan ??

?? Do you wonder about his odor ??

?? Do you give a damn ??

?? Does he ??


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Discover the truth about the Viaatants and their terran influence.
See the Viaatant Gallery of Fine Art and Appliances.
Trace the history of famous Viaatants from the Milky Way Galaxy.
Learn the cryptic language of the Viaatant society.
Are you Viaatant? Protect yourself and join the Viaat-net Info-Base.
Help "Spanky", the beloved viaatant diplomat, get out of jail.
Peruse the inevitable Viaat-net Links, for a better tomorrow.


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