This is Spanky. This is one of the only Mamm-alien armadillos that actually understood our curiosity and fear when we interrogated it. Spanky believes that it is time for the Viaatants to come out the closet and level with the human race. "It has been long enough, this deceit and betrayal of our physiological superiors", said Spanky in one of the many, informative interrogations. Much of the information currently in our Info-Base has come from Spanky. (We named him Spanky because whenever he watches the old TV show "The Little Rascals" (one of its favorite shows), he pukes up ants, for Viaat only knows) You may have seen Spanky before, since he has a cameo in the MTV music video, "Rock the Casbah" by THE CLASH back in the mid 80's. (Click here to read about other Famous Viaatants). We all owe him alot. This is why we now ask for your support.

What has happened is this: The secret "Novus Ordus Viaatorum" (The New Viaatant Order) organization has kidnapped him. Above is a picture of him we obtained through various undercover sources. Apparently it has not been harmed yet, but threats of De-Node-ization have flown. (This is the fatal ritual of Viaatant Intelli-Net disengagement). We need to save Spanky because he has risked his life to help us. We want to show all the Viaatants of the world that we mean no harm. We will risk our lives to help a Viaatant who has helped us. His noble bravery and unselfishness must be rewarded. The worst part is, the trouble we are in does not stop here. Now that we are publishing our research, other unfortunate events have occurred. Some too vile and horrible to even put in ASCII format. WE NEED YOUR HELP. Obviously, we cannot publish our plans and strategies on the web, so if you want to help us, you must let us contact YOU. Please Join our Info-Base. Do it for the Planet. Do it for the survival of the human race. Do it for Jesus. Do it for Satan. Whatever the reason...Just Do It!