Viaatant Beginnings


The official definition of the word "Viaatant", as described in the infamous Insi/Aso document# 48090-920423-sx9, is as follows:

A permanent or temporary entity, tangible or intangible, that encapsulates a majority or minority of relativity which may or may not be recognized by other entities having characteristics related or unrelated.

The Central Insi/Aso Committee claims that this is as close to a "true" definition that has ever been attempted. This description probably still seems a bit 'slippery' to you. This is the reason for Viaat-net. It is only fair that the public finally hear the 'truth' about the Viaatants. Here is our story:



The origin of Viaatant intervention on earth is speculative at best. Some claim that it occurred 300-400 million years ago. Others claim that it was only 5-10 million years ago. Many of the historical details about viaatants are vague and hazy. After all, most of the information that we gather comes from armadillos. That's right. You read that correctly. Armadillos. Please don't ask why. We haven't figured out why it all started with armadillos. Click here for a more detailed description of armadillos (the Terran-science version at least). There exists somewhere in our Galaxy, a planet called "Viaat". Its location within the Milky Way is not known. Our only evidence of Viaat's existence came from the memory banks of an armadillo named Zhazha. We had to force it out of the little sucker. Here it is:

The Planet "Viaat" -->

You are probably already saying to yourself, "Oh great. Another stupid conspiracy theory. Put this one with the other 666,000,000 alien conspiracy theories on file." Be warned now!!! This is exactly the kind of attitude that the Viaatants expect you to have! Don't fall into their trap! This is not a conspiracy. This is the truth.

When the Viaatants first learned of Earth's existence and prosperity for life, they came to the conclusion that the most advanced life-form here was the armadillo. Most of the armadillos that we have interrogated claim that at one time, they were indeed the most advanced life-form on Earth. When the Viaatants made first contact, they tapped into the pea-sized brains of all the armadillos of the world. They gave to them (for whatever of the very speculative reasons currently under research, Viaat only knows) an almost unlimited and vast wealth of knowledge, power, and wisdom. Armadillos were given access to their great "network" of accumulated information, and also given the power to grant other life-forms, to be chosen at their complete discretion, this privileged access. The viaatant's motives, belligerent or otherwise, for doing such a thing are currently under research.

As time passed on for the armadillos, they became smarter and more advanced creatures. When their intellectual and biological advancement finally reached its peak, they were still nothing more than an advanced version of the bug sucking, dirt snooping, root peddling mammal they once were. They eventually got bored of being intelligent, happy, benthic feeding 'mamm-aliens'. The armadillos began to experiment on other life-forms by giving some of them access to the Viaatant intelligence. In essence, the armadillos began to play god. Not only were they given the power to share Viaatantcy with others, they were also given the option to tweak the polarity, severity, and frequency of each Viaatant node added to the 'hive-mind'. This was when the shit really hit the fan on Earth. Previous patterns of evolution went straight to hell! Luckily, 'Man' still came out the winner in the end. Fortunately or Unfortunately (currently under research), the armadillos rarely, if ever, provide levels of Viaatant intelligence or influence to other species anywhere near as advanced and powerful as theirs. Needless to say, billions of creatures are now under the Viaatant belt (and under the armadillo's control) at various levels of influence. This is not to say that a certain species is either all Viaatant, or all non-Viaatant. More often than not the types and influence levels are mixed within species. Animals and plants of all kinds....sheep, certain mushrooms, roaches, mudsharks, lima beans, pot-bellied name it. All have millions of Viaatant members. This does include Man. Repeat....


This does include Man!!!


Be on the lookout. Someone you know, EVEN YOU, could be Viaatant. You may not even realize it. The people you know may not even realize it. Even if they did, they would undoubtedly be unable to convey this information to you. The armadillos are controlling our lives and our brains. They are extremely cautious and protective of their power. They will not inform or warn you if they decide to bring you into their hive-mind. Our group is still trying to identify Viaatant warning signs - clues to aid in the recognition of Viaatant cognition. With much of the information that we have gathered from the armadillos, we have compiled a database of human profiles that we believe are Viaatant to the bone. Again, we are currently unaware of the overall objectives of our Viaatant conspecifics. We do not know whether they are dangerous or not. We may never know! The bottom line for all of you lucky enough to have stumbled across our Viaat-net is:


twirl.gif (17170 bytes)



This basically means (click here for more info on ZZZZHHHHHTTTTTT!!!), to simply be aware of their (or your) presence on Terra! Don't take them (or yourself) for granted. Realize their (or your) potential for mayhem and confusion. Trust absolutely No-One!!! Don't even trust yourself!


Many humans have died to bring you this important information.