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Feel free to boldly go where no sane human has gone before, if you've got the guts. Otherwise you might as well just send your teeth to the Viaatant Army in a bag with a note attached informing them of other humans who have might some teeth or even some dog biscuits to spare.

getviaat.gif (2271 bytes) If you have a web of your own or know of someone or something or somebeast who does, then do the human race a good deed and steal this picture and add a link to Viaat-Net. Our current address is: This address may change, as the Viaatants are continually trying to find and destroy us, so make sure and join the Viaatant Info-Base and you will be informed of any major changes to this site.

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If you want to include your web on this links page, then simply email us with your URL, a brief description, and if you like some sort of logo or something.  If you do not want to do so, then have it your way. Just don't come crying to us when the Viaatants come and turn you into a midget robot, as it will be too late...


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Frank Zappa Official Site The one and only Freak-Out Christ, Anti-Superstar. Go here, buy lots of music, and then and only then may you safely pass through to heaven.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) Super X-13 HomePage A Rock & Roll Phenomenomenon.  Managed by the one and only Godzilla of Monster Island.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) Medeski Martin & Wood HomePage A psychedelic fusion lounge jazz rock viaat band.  A must have for any christian, jewish, amish, or satanic household.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) Henry Porter HomePage A Viaatant Rock & Roll band. They have been known to spread Mamm-alien spores all over the audience during live performances, so watch out.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) GWAR's Official Site Have you had any blood or strange greenish or yellowish fluids sprayed on you lately? Well we certainly hope so!  If no, then go.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) The Butthole Surfers Official Site One of the best Rock & Roll bands that survived the 80's. They purportedly smoke Elvis Presley's toenails, which has given them the almighty power of satanic sperm.


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The MAME Arcade Emulation Page Bless this man and his pet MAME. Arcade versions of Donkey Kong, Zaxxon, Q-Bert, and nearly 500 others for free! What more could a human ask for?
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) Stella Atari 2600 Emulation Site  Another game emulator, this flavor for the Atari 2600. Be the first on your block to play a 4K version of "Viaatant Attack".
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) Atmospherical Heights Emulation A good place to get lots of game emulation information and ROMS, the game images used with emulators.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) RedHat Software Want to score a point against Microsoft? Doesn't everybody? Go here to learn about a free unix-like operating system, web server, and more for desktop PC's.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) Atari Gaming Headquarters Lots and lots of priceless and worthless information about those Atari products that we all know and love.  Don't be afraid to look back into the light...


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The Alien WebSite A nice place to pick up some info about non-humans. Be very careful as you peruse this one, because the FBI is watching your every click.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) The Sub Genius SubSite A truly amazing site. Let "BOB" take you away. If you feel as if "The Man" has got you by the balls, then go here to learn how to wash that pink right out of your hair.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) The MR. T Fan Club Go ahead and admit it...Mr. T is your idol and you want to be just like him someday.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) The Internet Movie DataBase An enormous, fully searchable database of movies, TV shows, actors, directors, plots, viaats, etc... Learn about all the Viaatants which have infiltrated your home.
bluebal3.gif (926 bytes) E B A Y Do you have extra money you would like to get rid of?  Ebay is a fully searchable auction site where you can choose from thousands of things to bid for.  Going Going Gone.